As a parent, your child’s future and ability to fulfill your child’s dreams and aspirations is always your prime concern.


Today, providing a good education, establishing a professional career or even a modest wedding is expensive. Costs are increasing rapidly. Just imagine how much you will need when your child takes these important steps in life!


Therefore, it is important that you PLAN today to ensure a bright future for your child. Start building your savings today with our Scholar’s Plan so that your child is able to lead a successful life with a secured financial future.


East West Life’s Scholar’s Plan gives you:
  • Invaluable financial support to your child
  • A choice to customize an ideal plan for your child
  • Multiple options for multiple benefits.

Our Scholar’s Plan is designed to secure your child’s future by giving your child (the beneficiary) a lump sum amount on maturity or in case of the payer’s unfortunate demise early in the policy term. The premiums paid by you (less expenses and mortality charges) are invested by the company to provide excellent long-term returns.


Life has innumerable surprises in store for us. Parenthood is wonderful and it is such a stage, when you experience various emotions never thought possible. At the same time, parenthood also brings its own set of apprehensions and worries. What will your child grow up to be in the future? Will his/her future be as secure as you want it to be? Or more importantly, what can you do to make certain that his/her future is hassle–free and secure? Don’t Worry! Now, by planning ahead, you have the ability to answer these questions to your contentment.


East West Life’s Scholar’s Plan is especially designed to enable you to provide for higher education of your child and take care of your future needs in these times of spiraling costs.


This universal life child protection policy can be purchased on the life of the father or mother (i.e. the “Payer” of the policy), to provide for marriage and/or education of their child. The payer can also be a grandparent, brother, sister, real uncle or aunt of the child. This plan provides for the financial well-being of the child while offering cash value growth potential.


Supplementary Riders
The following supplementary riders can be attached to the policy:


Policy Maturity or Earlier Withdrawal


Account Value


Automatic Non-Forfeiture


Policyholder’s Loans


Cash Surrender Value


Partial Termination


Benefits Payable on Death of Life Insured


Benefits Payable on Maturity of the Policy


Pension from an Age of Your Choice

Minimum age at entry
18 years

Maximum age at entry
60 years

Minimum Term
10 years

Maximum Term
25 years or upto the age of 70 years, whichever is earlier