Accidents are the leading cause of death for people under the age of 40 and the 5th leading cause for people of all ages. Most people may not think about additional insurance in the event of an accident. Accident insurance can help pay family expenses in the event of serious injury, disability, hospitalization or death as a result of an accident (God forbid).


Personal Accident (PA) insurance is an affordable supplement to life insurance. Accident insurance is important because it can help close the coverage gaps left by other insurance coverage programs, which usually has Accident insurance limitations.


With East West Life’s Personal Accident (PA) Policy, a small premium can protect you from major financial crisis in case of accident. Together with Accidental Death Benefit, our product also offers Accidental Dismemberment & Disability Coverage and Reimbursement of Accidental In-Hospital Expenses. Our unique three-tier policy provides financial protection from the following most unfortunate consequences of an accident:
  • Death (God forbid),
  • Disability, and
  • Hospital Expenses

The description of benefits under each tier is given below:


Accidental Death
In case of one’s Accidental Death (God Forbid), we will pay a lump sum amount to the designated nominee(s). This amount can be useful for the family’s financial well-being.


Accidental Disability
Suffering a disabling accident can take a heavy toll on every aspect of your life. Our Accidental Disability Insurance will help you and your family financially with lump sum or monthly payment depending upon the nature of the accidental disability.


It provides coverage for dismemberment, loss of sight, hearing, speech, etc., along with permanent and temporary, total and partial disability caused by an accidental injury. The benefits are as follows:


Loss or DisabilityIndemnity Benefit
Loss of LifeThe Full Sum Insured
Loss of two or more Limbs The Full Sum Insured
Total and irrecoverable loss of all sight in both EyesThe Full Sum Insured
Loss of one Limb by amputation at or above Wrist or Ankle One-Half of the Sum Insured
Total and irrecoverable loss of sight in one EyeOne-Third of the Sum Insured
Temporary Total Disability (unable to perform duties of occupation)Weekly Indemnity
Partial disability (unable to perform major part of duties of occupation)One-Fourth of the Weekly Indemnity
Permanent, total and continuous disability (unable to do employment for wage or engage in any occupation)Annual payment of 10% of sum assured payable monthly


In-Hospital Accident Medical Expense
One of the major reasons for mental distress in case of hospitalization is heavy medical expenses. These expenses are increasing everyday and good medical services are becoming unreachable for normal middle class or even wealthy people. The medical expenses in case of hospitalization due to an accident are sudden and most of us are not prepared for such an expense. In case of an unfortunate event, you can always look towards East West Life. We can provide you with financial assistance when it is needed the most. By paying part of your accidental hospitalization expenses, we can share some of your distress. Total payment under this tier can be up to 20% of the principal sum assured.


Age Limit
The age should be minimum of 18 years and maximum of 59 years at the time of policy commencement date.


Claim Intimation
Written notice of specified accidental event on which the claim is based must be submitted to the company within 20 days after the date of such event.


Salient Features
  • No medical examination required
  • For one year day and night coverage
  • Worldwide coverage (irrespective of where the accident resulting in loss occurred)




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