Life takes you in many directions
  • Marriage
  • Business ventures
  • Grandchildren
  • Retirement
  • Education

And with each new pathway, your life insurance policy should accompany you at every step. Universal life insurance is specifically designed to respond to changing needs. In addition to flexible death benefits and premiums, universal life offers cash value growth potential.


You can set the amount of each premium payment based on your policy’s death benefit and financial objectives.


The sum assured and premiums will increase automatically by 5 percent each year, beginning from second year. The escalation in sum assured can be thought of as a cushion against inflation. However, if you do not wish to increase the premium each year by 5 percent, you may continue to pay a fixed premium. If the policy matures, or if you withdraw 100 percent of your cash value at an earlier age, you will have to choose one of the following options to receive your accumulated amount.


Take a Single Lump Sum and terminate the policy
Life Long Pension instead of a lump sum
A combination of Lump Sum Payment and Life Long Pension

After two policy years have been completed, and provided at least two full policy years' premiums have been paid under the policy, you can make withdrawals from your account value to meet your cash needs.


Supplementary Riders
The following supplementary riders can be attached to the policy:


Evidence of good health


Benefits Payable on Death of Life Insured


Escalation in Sum Insured and Amount of Premiums


Account Value


Expenses and Mortality Charges


Automatic Non-Forfeiture


Policy Loans


Cash Surrender Value


Partial Termination


Benefit Payable on Maturity


Pension from an age of your choice

Minimum age at entry
18 years

Maximum age at entry
60 years

Minimum Term
10 years

Maximum Term
25 years or upto the age of 70 years, whichever is earlier


We have designed the Mehfooz Sarmaya Plan for the benefit of citizens in all walks of life. This plan provides you with SECURITY, TRANSPARENCY, FLEXIBILITY and LIQUIDITY.


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