Mehfooz Sarmaya Plan
Mehfooz Sarmaya Plan is a Universal Life Plan specifically designed to respond to changing needs. In addition to flexible death benefits and premiums, the policies offers cash value growth potential and allow you to see your savings grow. You can set the amount of each premium having regard to your financial resources, your policy’s death benefits and your financial objectives.

Sarmaya Gold Plan
Sarmaya Gold is a Single Premium Universal Life insurance plan specifically designed to offer highest cash-value growth potential together with life insurance. In this policy, there is no on-going premium commitment required i.e. only one premium is enough for your policy to sustain and produce high cash values (more investment potential) for the full term of the policy.

Scholar's Plan
Our Scholar’s Plan is designed to secure your child’s future by giving your child (the beneficiary) a guaranteed lump sum amount on maturity or in case of the payer’s unfortunate demise early in the policy term, the premiums paid by you are invested by the company to provide excellent long-term returns.

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