Try our Group Health and Hospitalization Policy. All your specific and quite expensive needs like coverage for hospital stays, maternity expenses and dread diseases are well covered and taken care of. Being generous and customizable, our Policy is the perfect choice for the corporate client interested in providing the best medical cover to the employees and their families. We have an independent division for management of group health Insurance. This division is managed by some of the most well trained and experienced persons in the health insurance business. Within our policy, coverage is provided to the client's employee, their spouse, children and parents.


We have a wide range of hospitals on our panel providing quality healthcare services throughout the country. Our panel hospitals not only have the best reputation in the industry but they are also very well equipped. The hospitals are providing several medical services including Diagnostic Centers, Emergency Treatment, Pathology Labs, X-ray Clinic, CT and MRI Centers, Fitness Centers etc. If you have any question about the services provided by our panel hospitals, you may contact us. Please click here for a complete list of healthcare providers on our panel.


Explanation of Benefits
Our group health insurance policy consists of the following basic benefits:
  • Hospitalization Insurance
  • Maternity Insurance


Our basic group health and hospitalization coverage as described above can be further enhanced with any of the following riders:


Critical Illness Care Rider
Outpatient Treatment Rider


Our policy can be customized in any manner as desired by the prospective client.
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