Founder Chairman of our group, late Mr. Unus Khan, was born on December 27, 1927 in a respectable and cultured family. He received his basic education in Quetta and after graduation in Aeronautics and Meteorology in Great Britain, he adopted the field of Civil Aviation as his profession and remained associated with it for over 20 years. Subsequently, he took up the field of commerce/business in 1965 and a few years thereafter proceeded to the United States of America along with his family.


In the 70s, besides other ventures, he was associated with the field of insurance in the Middle East. He returned to Pakistan in 1982 and founded East West Insurance Company Limited, our sister concern, in 1983. Throughout the remaining years of his life, he remained dedicated to development of East West. He organized and strengthened the company on modern lines and, at the same time, encouraged the executives, field and office personnel of the company to face the challenges of the market with courage, sincerity and hard work. It was for his determined leadership, untiring efforts, honesty and sincerity of purpose that the Almighty Allah gifted him with such an outstanding success that the company became one of the largest insurance companies of Pakistan during his lifetime.


After taking East West Insurance Company Limited to such heights, it was his desire to develop an insurance company for the life assurance sector so that East West Group of Companies can cater to all insurance related needs of every Pakistani. Unfortunately, private life insurance companies were not allowed to operate in the country during his lifetime. However, when the government permitted operation of life insurance companies in the private sector, the sponsors of East West Insurance Company Limited immediately applied for a license and commenced operations of The Metropolitan Life Assurance Company of Pakistan Limited in March of 1993. In 2008, the company changed its name to East West Life Assurance Company Limited in order to give a unified look of a group with a substantial financial base and to service the best interest of policyholders as well as shareholders. Today, by the Grace of Allah, East West Group of Companies have become symbols of security for thousands of their policyholders and livelihood for their hundreds of hard-working personnel.


Mr. Unus Khan was endowed with piety, simplicity, sincerity, diligence and affection. He will always be remembered for his selfless devotion to cause of combining the profound cultural values of the EAST with the modern technological developments of the WEST. In order to give perpetuity to the late Chairman of our group, all of us have pledged to adopt his practices as guidelines for the future. Our beloved Chairman left us to join his heavenly abode on July 27, 1988. May Allah rest his soul in eternal peace. Ameen!
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