• The company is engaged in life insurance business in accordance with the requirements of Insurance Ordninance, 2000

Registeration Number
  • 0028157

National Tax Number (NTN)
  • 0814583-7

Executive Committee
  • Pervez Yunus
  • Maheen Yunus, CPCU
  • Naved Yunus
  • Javed Yunus
  • Sohail Nazeer, Secretary

Audit Committee
  • Umeed Ansari
  • Naved Yunus
  • Pervez Yunus
  • Mohsin Ali Kanchwala
  • Mohammad Zohaib, Secretary

Underwriting Committee
  • Pervez Yunus
  • Mohsin Ali Kanchwala
  • Javed Yunus
  • Ajaz Hussain, Secretary

Claim Committee
  • Javed Yunus
  • Naved Yunus
  • Mohsin Ali Kanchwala
  • Saleha Usman, Co-Secretary

Reinsurance Committee
  • Naved Yunus
  • Maheen Yunus, CPCU
  • Mohsin Ali Kanchwala
  • Sana-ul-Haq Hashmi, Secretary

Investment Committee
  • Mohsin Ali Kanchwala
  • Naved Yunus
  • Maheen Yunus, CPCU
  • Sohail Nazeer, Secretary

Human Resources and Remuneration Committee
  • Naved Yunus
  • Pervez Yunus
  • Imran Ali Dodani
  • Anjum Ghazali, Secretary

Consulting Actuaries
  • Akhtar & Hasan (Private) Limited

Appointed Actuary
  • Shujat Siddiqui, MA, FIA, FPSA

Legal Advisor
  • Saiyed Younus Saeed

  • Grant Thornton Anjum Rahman (Chartered Accountants)

Share Registrar
  • THK Associates (Pvt) Limited
    1st Floor, 40-C, Block-6,
    PECHS, Karachi-75400, Pakistan
    Phone: (021) 111-000-322, 34168266/68/70
    Fax: (021) 34168271

Registered Office
  • 28 Regal Plaza, Jinnah Road, Quetta, Pakistan.
    Phone: (081) 2822913, 2821397
    Fax: (92-81) 2821460

Head Office
    Room Number 802, 8th Floor, Lakson Square Building Number 01,
    Opp: Karachi Press Club, Sarwar Shaheed Road,
    Karachi - 74400, Pakistan.
    Telephone: (021) 35630421, 35630422, 35630423
    Fax: (92-21) 35630429

  • Allied Bank Limited
  • Summit Bank Limited
  • MCB Bank Limited
  • The Bank of Punjab
  • Habib Bank Limited
  • Askari Bank Limited
  • NIB Bank Limited
  • Bank Al-Habib Limited
  • JS Bank Limited
  • The Karakuram Co-Operative Bank Limited
  • Apna Microfinance Bank Limited
  • Bank Alfalah Limited
  • Sindh Bank Limited

Listing detail at The Karachi Stock Exchange

Compliance Certificate of CEO

Financial Highlights of Last Six Years

Share Information
Financial Year20152014
Earning Per Share00.49
Price Earning RatioN/A24.97
Break-Up Value3.363.88

Free Float of Shares
  • Total Number of Shares: 59,429,150
  • Free-Float of Shares in KSE: 15,131,946 (as on 31.12.2016)

Pattern of Holdings of the Shares as at December 31, 2016

Code of Conduct


Notice of General Meeting
  • The 23rd Annual General Meeting of East West Life Assurance Company Limited will be held on April 27th, 2016. Notice of 23rd Annual General Meeting can be viewed by clicking here. The PDF of proxy form can be availed by clicking here.

Election of Directors
  • The next election of Directors will be held in year 2017 or earlier under any applicable provision of Companies Ordinance, 1984, if any.
  • Click here for actions that will be taken at the time of next election.

Declaration of Dividend and/or Bonus Shares
  • No dividend or bonus has been declared for the current period.

Dividend Mandate Form

Right Issue of Shares
  • No right issue has been declared for the current period.

Investor Relation
  • Click here for details on where to send any investor-related queries.
  • In case of any investor-related grievance, please feel free to send an e-mail direct to Senior Management of the Company at
  • For any unresolved investment-related matter, you may contact investor complaint section of Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan at


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