Life insurance provides a degree of financial protection against the uncertainty of death and can help survivors (dependents) achieve specified financial objectives.


Accidents are sudden and can lead to financial crisis, if you are not prepared. Accidents can cause sudden death or disability of the primary earning member of the family, which can cause serious financial consequences for the family because of the great level of dependence on his or her earnings.


Need for Regular Monthly Income In Case of Accidental Death and Disability (God Forbid)
Life assurance is needed to provide for long and short term income needs. In particular, these would include the need to pay installments of outstanding loans and/or mortgages; there would also be the need to provide a long term income for the surviving spouse and short term income for children or other dependants.


You can rely on our Accident Protection Plan to provide regular monthly income to you and your family to meet the basic necessities of life in case one dies by an accident (God Forbid) or becomes disabled by an accident (God Forbid). In addition to basic need of food, clothing and shelter, the income (being paid in case of an accident) can also be used for education of your children and ever growing medical needs.


Regular Monthly Income Only In Case of Accidental Death & Disability (God Forbid)
Rather than providing lump sum payment, East West Life’s Accident Protection Plan pays a monthly income for 10 years only in case of death or disablement (God Forbid) due to accident while the policy is in force. The monthly income will continue at the level specified in the policy for 10 years following the claim.


This product is particularly attractive to those who would like to have a fixed and regular stream of monthly income in case of accidental death or disability (God Forbid) and would rather not have to worry about complex investment decisions to make the most of a lump sum payout.


Save Rs.7 daily to assure your family’s monthly income in case you are not here (God Forbid) or become incapable to perform your duties due to an accident.




Basic Benefit Structure
Accidental EventBenefit
Loss of Life
Monthly Income for 10 Years only in case of an accidental event stated here
Loss of one or more LIMBS by Amputation at or above wrist or ankle
Loss of all sight in both Eyes
Loss of speech
Loss of hearing in both ears
Permanent total and continuous disability


General Conditions
Age Limit
The age should be minimum of 18 years and maximum of 59 years at the time of policy commencement date.


Claim Intimation
Written notice of specified accidental event on which the claim is based must be submitted to the company within 20 days after the date of such event.


The insurance under this contract shall terminate at the end of a complete policy year. No surrender value is payable under this contract in any circumstances.


Please Note
  • For complete details of coverage, exclusions and terms & conditions, please refer to the policy document.
  • This is marketing-related information for the company’s website; not a contract. The detailed terms and conditions are stated in the policy document




Salient Features
  • A regular monthly income for 10 years only in case of accidental death or accidental disability, god forbid
  • No medical examination required
  • 24/7 coverage
  • Worldwide coverage (irrespective of where the accident resulting in loss occurred)

Future is Uncertain, but you can secure it with our ACCIDENT PROTECTION PLAN!


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